How to the Bunco Sets work?

They are PDF files. After purchase, you will receive a link to download the Bunco Set. Some of the pages in the Bunco Set are editable (score cards, invites, bordered paper, name tags, and table cards). To check how the Bunco Sets work, try downloading some free Table Cards and/or Beverage Tags, available on each themed page.

What’s included in the themed Bunco Set?

All of our Bunco Sets are sold as a digital product (PDF file). Each Bunco Set includes 4 Bunco Score Cards (quarter sheet size, 4/page) and a Tally Sheet (includes scoring for 4 rounds).  As a FREE BONUS you’ll also get Invites (quarter sheet size, 4/page), Bordered Paper (used for invites, calendars, menu, etc.), and Name Tags (formatted for a 2”x4” label).

Can I purchase the scorecards and tally sheets only?

That’s exactly what you’re purchasing. The other pages included in the Bunco Set are complimentary BONUS pages just for you!

How long does it take for me to receive my Bunco Set after I place my order?

Shortly after you’ve placed your order and your payment has gone through, you should receive an email with download instructions. If you don’t receive that email please check your spam folder in your email to see if it got routed there. If not please feel free to contact us at info@buncoprintables.com.

How many times can I download my purchased Bunco Set?

You may download your Bunco Set purchase up to 5 times. We recommend after it has been downloaded to save it to your computer.

How do I save the Bunco Set to my computer?

Once you have downloaded your Bunco Set, open it in Adobe Reader. Once opened there will be an icon that looks like a floppy disc. Click that and choose where on your computer you want to save it. If the Save icon is grayed out click File, then click “Save As” and choose the location you’d like to save your Bunco Set.

If you need Adobe Reader click here.

Can I fill in areas of the Bunco Set?

Yes! The scorecards, invites, nametags, and bordered paper have text fields that you can customize if you want.

NOTE: You won’t be able to save what you have typed into the fields, only print. If you have a letter or calendar you want to use in the bordered paper we suggest saving the information in a word processing document and copying and pasting it into the bordered paper. That way you don’t spend a lot of time writing something only to lose it later.

Do I need a password to open my Bunco Set?

Nope! If you get a message asking for a password close the Bunco Set and make sure you’re opening it using Adobe Reader. As long as you are using the Bunco Set as intended and opening it with Adobe Reader you shouldn’t have any problems. That message will occur when the Bunco Set is open it with Adobe Acrobat or another PDF editor because there are restrictions to how the file can be changed or copied. If you are still having trouble don’t hesitate to use the Contact Us page to get further assistance.

If you need Adobe Reader click here.

Why is it asking me for a password?

All of our Bunco Sets and other pdfs are password protected against these items: Changing the Document, Document Assembly, Content Copying and Page Extraction.
If you’re using the pdf files as intended, you shouldn’t have a problem. If you’re still having problems be sure you’re using the most up-to-date version of Adobe Reader.

What is your return policy?

We feel so confident you’ll love your new themed Bunco Set that we are more than happy to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase please contact us for a full refund.

*Since this is a digital product and there is no way for you to actually return the product, we will reserve the right to restrict refunds to customers who abuse this policy.

Can I feel safe giving you my email?

Most definitely! I will never share, sell, rent, give away, or distribute your info. You can feel safe that Bunco Printables respects your privacy! For more info check out the Privacy Policy page.

The wrong item is in my cart, how can I fix this?

If you’ve added items to your cart that you don’t want, simply check mark the ones you want to remove and update your cart.

If that’s not the problem, but instead the item is not the one you intended on adding you may need to clear your cache. You can first try to fix it by holding down “ctrl” while you refresh (the circle with an arrow) the page. If that doesn’t work you will probably need to clear your cache.

I can’t give exact instructions for this because it varies on the type of computer (Windows/Mac) you’re using and the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) you’re using. Your best bet is to do a google search using your system and browser info and include the words “clear cache” in your search.

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